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Agency services

At AutoLux we boast a long track record of working for Spanish, Japanese, Russian and German agencies. If your agency so wishes, we can centralise all transportation services you may need at no extra cost, whether car hire with driver, buses, minibuses and conventional taxis. The agency thus saves itself the trouble of being in touch with different suppliers. This makes life easier for events, transport involving a large number of passengers, transport in different types of vehicles such as minivans, minibuses and coaches, or when conventional urban taxis are required (for billing, with no charge for the passenger).

By having the largest fleet in Catalonia, AutoLux boasts a very flexible cancellation policy, which favours working with wholesalers, when amendments and cancellations are common.

Often agencies require certain information earlier than other customers because they have their own working structure or even different time zones in Europe. We therefore offer — at no extra cost — a software management system where clients who wish to may enter data and even make requests at any time of day, and also obtain information without having to call the office. For example, a user may obtain the name and phone number of the driver assigned to a certain service, the licence plate of the car sent, etc.