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Modernism Route

La Pedrera

In Catalan Modernism was not only an artistic movement. It also marked a social sense and an attitude that influenced policy in the second half of the nineteenth and early twentieth century. Modernism arrived in Barcelona at this time of rebellion and was adopted by a generation of artists who wanted to break the mold. His concept of renewal was in sculpture, painting, literature, music and decorations but was in architecture that Modernism reached its peak.

His excessive imagination and strange concept of architecture, he soon made a name for himself. At first, they all respected him alike. The Casa Mila, one of his best known works, was for many years for criticism for his monumental stone facade, known as La Pedrera. The architecture of Gaudí broke schemes and its main elements were the wavy shapes, bright colors, animals, mythological fantasy … had reached every corner.

Casa Batllo

La Pedrera is currently owned by the bank Caixa Catalunya and remains open to the public, the deck and the attic, where you can find exhibitions and works of Gaudí.

During his career, Gaudí was a great support and admiration by the ecclesiastical sector, this fruitful relationship received commissions as significant as the Sagrada Familia. Furthermore, Gaudí built in the center of the city, wealthy families, and great works of modernism as La Casa Batlló, La Casa Calvet and Casa Mila.

Parque Güell

But it was a personal friend of the artist, Eusebi Güell, the more influence the artist’s work. Under his patronage built the Parc Güell, one of the outdoor spaces created where they wanted to build a garden city, but only managed to sell three parcels and construction stopped in 1914, having been a trouble. Today are the structures for community services, the entrance, the square… It opened in 1922 as a park for its beauty. In 1984 it was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Palau de la Musica

Lluís Domènech i Montaner also became one of the geniuses of the time for his passion for modern architecture and different. In his work reflected the mixture of Moorish architecture and curved lines so characteristic of Modernism.

The best example of this trend and his masterpiece is undoubtedly the Palau de la Música Catalana and Hospital de Sant Pau, they are considered one of the best sets modernist city.

Josep Puig i Cadafalch is considered the last representative of modernism and the first of Noucentisme.