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Discover Tarragona

Tarragona is the Catalan province further south and it is also the capital of it, is located on the Costa Dorada. Tarragona has been and will be a city marked by Roman civilization.

It is one of the few cities such as concentration of monuments and tourist attractions. A visit to Tarragona will allow us to trace Rome in Catalonia. The buildings of the city, well preserved, bear witness to the last of it flattering. Tarragona has been and is a city a city deeply marked by the Roman civilization. It was the first Roman military establishment outside the Italian peninsula and became the capital of all Nearer Spain.

At present there is a large estate that thousands of visitors admire daily.

Roman amphitheater

The Roman amphitheater. Oval building built in the second century near the sea, the steps which were excavated in the rock. The amphitheater 109.50 by 86.50 meters measured in total, which could hold about 14,000 spectators. Struggles took place between gladiators and wild beasts.


Roman amphitheater

Roman Aqueduct or Devil’s Bridge is only a fragment of a long pipeline to bring water to the river city francolí. It was built in the first century.


Roman amphitheater


Arc de Barà, honorary arch dedicated to Emperor Augustus. It was built in the late first century BC, on the Via Augusta. For location his unmistakable geometric decorations simple and clear, is one of the most famous monuments in Catalonia.